Storm Response & Restoration

We commit to improving quality of life in Alabama and in surrounding states whenever disaster strikes. No matter the type of storm or the scale of the damage, Taylor Electric offers assistance at a moment’s notice. We do our part and restore power to communities as quickly as possible by joining larger natural disaster cleanup efforts.

Todd Taylor and his company have helped us on numerous storms and have been a tremendous help to us in time of need. Taylor Electric’s employees are upstanding people who go out of their way to take the burden off of you. They have some of the finest equipment and qualified personnel. I truly recommend Taylor Electric for any electrical jobs needed.
Robbie Cotton
Superintendent of Operations, Southern Pine Electric Cooperative

Our Team

We deploy capable workforces to respond to storm damage in areas all over the country, 24/7, all 365 days of the year. We maintain a transmission and distribution equipment fleet, ready to be dispatched at any moment. When a natural disaster occurs, such as a tornado or hurricane, we respond by working together using multiple means of field communications to establish innovative solutions.

During a thirteen-day period, request went out to several contractors to provide crews to help with restoration. Taylor Electric immediately sent two, very experienced crews with some of the best equipment of any contractor on the system. Due to their equipment and performance, they were selected to remain the day after all power was restored to complete the replacement of a very difficult pole. I would recommend Taylor for any work on our system.
Patrick B. Jordan
Vice President of Operations, Duck River Electric Member Corporation
Taylor Electric

Our Response

Once Taylor Electric receives notification of storm damage, we respond by dispatching experienced and qualified crews with an extensive fleet of ground assets to assist the local utility company. Our team works with local utility officials to help restore power in the most effective and efficient way. Instead of creating temporary solutions, we build structures that last.

Your company and your guys have always been a mark above. Storm Services appreciates your work ethic, professionalism, and expertise on every storm we do. We hope to keep this relationship for years to come.
Charlie Hartsfield
VP, Storm Services Engineering